Who am I?

My name is Donald Percivalle and I work and live in Boston, MA as a computer engineer. I grew up in Southern California and went to school for Computer Engineering at Cal Poly SLO.

In college I had a co-op at HGST as an ASIC Simulation Engineer and an internship at Apple as a Prototyping and Emulation Engineer. After college, I joined Apple as a full time engineer in Core OS helping bring up software on new silicon.

Early 2016, about 8 months into my first full time job, I got an email from an old professor asking if I knew anyone that would be interested in an FPGA verification job on the NASA TESS at MIT. Since then, I’vebeen working on TESS’s science processing computer all the way in Cambridge, MA.

What I do?

I code, cook, travel, knit, and take pictures. Aside from my day job, I enjoy coding at home and exploring new technologies. I enjoy maintaining my at home data server and the few VPSs I have on DigitalOcean. I also enjoy experimenting with computer networking; hence, I have a MikroTik router board that runs myhome network.

What’s this blog?

I’ve always had lots of side projects going, but I’ve never shared them with anyone. The goal of this blog is to begin sharing the things I’ve made and learned with the hope that they will interest and entertain someone.

Eventually, I hope this blog can be a place people go to read about coding, hacking, traveling, cooking, and even knitting!

Find me on:

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